Mehmed & Razim

A novel by Barbara Borst

Coming soon.

In a New Haven hospital, Mehmed Grbic emerges from anesthesia into the nightmare of injuries he and his twin brother, Razim, suffered in besieged Sarajevo. Evacuated to the United States for surgery, they are unable to return to their homeland while the war in Bosnia still rages. The O’Neal family, with a son their age, welcomes Razim and Mehmed and gets them into a Connecticut high school. And the brothers meet a neighbor, Frances Disario, who stirs Razim’s heart, and his self-doubts. But Frances is wounded by another kind of conflict as her parents split in a bitter divorce, and the brothers’ physical recovery hides the damage within. Mehmed, serious and introverted, blames himself for his brother’s injuries and broods over the girl he left behind. Razim, a gifted basketball player who will never play again, uses impish charm to mask deep fears. Each isolated at first, the three begin the first painful steps toward healing, gradually learning to trust one another with their secret scars and their first signs of renewal.

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